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In a highly competitive environment accompanied by an ever-changing legal framework, the added value is secured by smart efficient out-of-court settlements, as a priority, and enhancement of success before courts of law/arbitration, in case of negotiations failure.


In a dynamic and uncertain environment, partnership with Soare & Lawyers makes the difference by constantly generating added value for our clients’ businesses.

About us

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Our story

Soare & Lawyers is proactively dealing with a wide range of legal advisory services for different businesses, assistance and representation of non-resident and…


We are aware that each project is unique and also that time is an irretrievable resource, reason why, in line with our clients’ best interests, we give priority to prevention and, if this does…

Ethics & Confidentiality

Soare & Lawyers fully understands and respects our client’s need for confidentiality. We do not compromise on integrity and confidentiality of projects we are entrusted…