Our story

Soare & Lawyers is proactively dealing with a wide range of legal advisory services for different businesses, assistance and representation of non-resident and resident clients, committed to delivering top-tier legal services.

Our highest legal expertise refined in numerous legal projects, accompanied by profound knowledge of industry and specific problems which our clients are involved in, are both astutely harnessed with the aim of delivering meaningful personalized solutions.

Depending on each client’s need, we act with patience or swiftness, perseverance or open-mindedness, topped with constantly generated creativity, professionalism, integrity, readiness and trust, values which are translated into our excellent professional reputation among peers.

We pride ourselves that our expertise generates added value to our clients, which recommends us as a trustworthy long-term partner.

Based on the above, in 2008 Soare & Lawyers was founded by George Soare, managing partner and member in good standing of the Bucharest Bar and National Association of the Romanian Bars.

George graduated cum laudae the Bucharest University – Law Faculty (1999).

He attended postgraduate courses of private law within University of Bucharest – Faculty of Law (2000 – 2001) and the postgraduate courses related to the European Union legal framework with focus on the European Union law and institutions within University of Bucharest – Faculty of Law (2003 – 2004).

Prior to founding Soare & Lawyers in 2008, George acted as associate with Musat & Associates (1999-2000), Bostina & Associates (2000 – 2002), Vitzman, Webster & Partners (2002 – 2005), Voicu & Filipescu (2005 – 2007) and Schindhelm & Associates (2007 – 2008).

Major areas of expertise include advisory in Business Law and Dispute Resolution.

George is proficient in Romanian and English and is knowledgeable in French and German.


We are aware that each project is unique and also that time is an irretrievable resource, reason why, in line with our clients’ best interests, we give priority to prevention and, if this does…

Ethics & Confidentiality

Soare & Lawyers fully understands and respects our client’s need for confidentiality. We do not compromise on integrity and confidentiality of projects we are entrusted…